It’s not going to fall off….

Boys.  Boys. Boys.

A word of wisdom from the old man – stop worrying about it.  It’s not going to fall off.

I recently had the opportunity to babysit both of my young grandsons at different times.  I don’t think I ever realized how very much they are fascinated with, well “it”.  They run around cramming their hands down their diapers touching it.  They pull down the diaper and pull it out like a freshly loaded machine gun and spray everything in sight.  Change their diaper and their hands instinctively reach for it.  When in the evolution of mankind did it become necessary for a man to protect his junk since we left the caves?  What would happen if they reached for it and it wasn’t there to hold onto?

Oh, there will come a time when you’ll stop playing with it.  I think.  Then you’ll rediscover it

All this talk about it makes me wonder where Grandma Plaintiff is for some reason….

It’s amazing how little we change from infants to toddlers, to teenagers to adults to dirty old men.

Grandpa Boltz


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