Housekeeping sucks…

I had to perform some cyber-housekeeping duties today.  Really?  This site is worth spamming me from?  Comments have to be approved by me before they’re visible to the world… so I’m the only one reading your thoughts and recommendations on how you increased the size of your penis from a minuscule little thing to a small micro pecker that your girlfriend can now find if she uses a magnifying glass and tweezers.  I’m the only one that is annoyed by the daily does of new users signing up for new accounts on here so that they can have the fun of telling me all about how I can get my girlfriend to have multiple orgasms if I only do this that or whatever after buying the product that you recommend.  You don’t get it.  Read the blog entries.  I DON’T LIKE GRANDMA PLAINTIFF.  I DON’T WANT TO PLEASE HER.  My biggest concern is making sure that her next husband does not use my boat and fishing gear.  She assures me that I am perfectly safe with this as he doesn’t like fishing.

I’ve purged a lot of users from the system.  I’m sorry if I took out a human or two that honestly wanted to be subscribed to find a copy of my silly blog posts in their email on the rare occasion I do post a new entry… some were easy… – instant delete. Others were a bit harder – – not real hard, but deleted none the less.

I’m sure that the Ivan’s and IVanna’s of the world will find their way back shortly… but for the next little while I’ve disabled the subscribe functions… and if I have to I’ll disable all the post / email functions so that Charlie, Orion, Cashtin, The Wicked Witch of the North, and the one from the South, and the evil Auntie out East, me and of course Grandma Plaintiff can all enjoy the blog in peace and quiet….

Oh.  Yeah.  Check out our new site – it’s not for the timid… – gifts for a more mature audience!

See ya in the funny pages.

Grandpa Boltz


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