I’ll be back in a minute Grandpa…

Hi there Charlie.  It’s me again.  Grandpa Boltz.  I know that you were with me when this happened, but I wanted to write about it while it was still fresh in my head, and I need to do it for Grandma Plaintiff before her memory problems get worse.

I had a fun time visiting you recently when your Evil Mommy and Awesome Daddy brought you and your brother down to visit.  We played together.  You let me hug you, squeeze you and even give you soft kisses.  It was an awesome day.  We all sat down at the table to eat dinner and I offered you some of the fish to eat.  You informed me in that cute little voice of yours “That’s silly Grandpa.  Fish is for big people.” … I didn’t know that, but do now.  Having been educated by you, I offered you some of the meat that I had cooked for dinner.  You ate some and you loved it!  Then that Evil Mommy of yours sat next to you and said “Wow!  You’re eating fish!” .. I saved you from having to educate her on the age requirements to eat fish and I told her you were eating meat, not fish.  I’m glad that you liked the meat, and I’m sorry that I had to lie to you.  Well, technically I don’t think I lied.  Fish is meat.  Really.  It is.

At the end of the day, as you were getting ready to leave, I was sad.  I was sad because you were leaving.  You came back to me, and I hope that I never ever ever forget this, and you gently caressed my face with your hand and that tiny little voice of yours said “I’ll be back in a minute Grandpa.  Don’t cry.” My heart broke almost broke from having too much love for you in it.  You were so precious.  We agreed that we’d have a sleep over in the near future… just you, me and that evil Grandma Plaintiff.

Speaking of the wicked witch – she told me that she really wants you to call her that.  So when you’re finally old enough to read this blog – please call her and address her by the name “Grandma Plaintiff” … It will remind her of how much she hates me…. and loves you.


As always,


Grandpa Boltz


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