Mean people suck…

Dear Briley, Charlize, Orion, Cashtin,

Mean people suck.  I’m sitting here at work under lock down because someone is upset that they were let go from their temporary position.  We have police outside, the doors are all locked and we think we’re pretty safe – but its still hard to sit at my desk and focus on work.  So I thought I should write a quick note to each of my favorite people.

Just a quick note from Grandpa Boltz to let you know that I love each of you and am so proud of the people you are becoming.  Briley no longer the bed bouncing “again again again again again again again” little monkey that I first met, but now a very beautiful young lady.  Charlize – all grown up and going to school now (quick picking your seat).  Orion and Cashtin catching up fast (get your hands out your pants young men).

I originally started writing here when The Evil Witch of Neenah announced she was with child.  Because I had just had an “episode” – I thought I wasn’t going to live to meet any of you.  So I started writing little notes to you each.  Now that I have met each of you, I don’t ever want to leave you.  Grandma Plaintiff is evil.  So are the three wicked witches that you call Mom.  But as far as Moms go, I guess they’re pretty decent… they care about you – and each other.

As you grow up, always take a moment to reflect on what you are about to say.  How would it make you feel if someone said it to you?  How would you feel if someone said it to your Mommy?  No matter how hard you try, you can’t take the words back.  You can’t make the other person forget that you said them.  Sure, they’re only words.  “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can also hurt me.”  The bones and your skin will heal.  The damage that your words can cause can leave unseen scars and emotional pain that will never go away. Don’t lash out in anger.  Learn to channel it, control it, release it in a healthy way – and use your words.

Your evil mommies love you like only they can.  Only a Mom knows what is like to have you grow inside of them and to watch you grow outside of them.  Daddies are cooler than Mommies because we aren’t worried about all that junk.  Anyone can be a father.  One day I hope that you’ll understand that it takes someone special to be a Dad.  Hug the one you have. Call him “Dad” and let him know that you appreciate him and all he has done for you.  Especially if he isn’t your father.  (I miss you Grandpa Simmons).  (I guess the same can be said for the Evil Stepmoms of the world if you really had to)  Be thankful for the blessings in your life.  And if you truly stop to think about it, you have a lot of blessings in your life.

Don’t hold grudges.  If someone does something to hurt you – try really really really hard to forgive them  Not only that – try to forget it.

Think about God every now and then.  Try to get your parents to take you to church.  Be nice.  Hug one another.  Hug your parents.  Yes, you can even hug Grandma Plaintiff.  Just don’t do it when she’s stirring the cauldron.

Love Always,

Grandpa Boltz

PS> Mean people suck. Don’t suck.

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