Grandpa is a Cyber Stalker…

Isn’t technology awesome?  I remember raising our three girls, living in Germany and feeling bad that my parents didn’t get to interact with the girls.  They were at our mercy and praying we’d send pictures in the mail.  Today we have Facetime, and we have a cribcam!

My co-workers ask me how the grand-baby is doing, and I whip out my phone and check the cribcam!  I load it up at the end of my lunches and hope that I get to watch her either waking up or falling asleep.  She’s such a good baby… She must get that from me… Lord only knows it didn’t get it from her Mother.  Maybe she gets it from the father…

Is it creepy that I watch her drift off to sleep, or playing on her own?  She seems so innocent and I find it relaxing to watch her….

The Captors have already established an email address for Her Royal Highness – and have given her a full size iPad so that she can facetime with everyone.  I’m not sure I want to know who all she’s busy chatting with at 6 months old that she needs her own iPad… I’m just grateful that I’m allowed to be one of the chatters.

Grandpa's a Cyber Stalker

Grandpa’s a Cyber Stalker

Oddly, I am beginning to suspect that Nana does this too as she’s starting to tell me things that the baby does ….

My favorite show is about to start – Charlie Cam Live – she’s just starting to wake up from her nap.  I can’t wait till she pulls herself up on the side of the crib…. Such a peaceful little baby sitting there playing with her hand…

Grandpa Boltz


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  1. Mommy Dearest
    September 25, 2014 at 11:35 am

    I can’t wait for her to read this once she’s older. She’ll either think it’s adorable or disturbingly creepy. Xoxo

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