Baby’s First Christmas Present…

Hello Charlie…

I want to tell you the story of your first Christmas present.  It all started before Thanksgiving when Grandma Plaintiff and I volunteered (that means that I said we would, and Grandma Plaintiff made faces) to babysit you for the long weekend.

Being the good, kind, loving, thoughtful, considerate Grandpa that I am I headed to the store to buy the last minute food items that Grandma Plaintiff never remembers to buy for Thanksgiving dinner (Turkey, stuffing, eggs, eggnog, etc) and thought that I probably should buy you some new toys to play with while you were at the house for 3 days.  And buy toys I did.  There was big ones, medium ones, small ones.  There were toys for the bath, and toys for when you were done with the bath. I even bought you new outfits because I knew you’d want them.  There was barely any room in the cart for the things Grandma Plaintiff sent me to buy.

It was right after I put all of those bright shiny new toys in the back of my Jeep that the female captor of yours called and so rudely told me that while they were bringing you down for dinner, my services as babysitter extraordinaire would not be needed.  I couldn’t believe it.  First they ground me from spending time with you, now they’re rationing the amount of time that I can spend with you.  This is totally not fair.

It was then that I decided to wrap the toys and turn them into Christmas presents for you.  I wrapped each toy with love and affection and sealed each piece of tape to the box with a kiss.  I was in a state of bliss knowing that your eyes would light up when you opened each one and got to play with them.

You arrived at the house with your captors in the front of the car and we had a blast watching Auntie H interact with you.  Grandma Plaintiff had fun with you too – but it was your Daddy who made the comment about you being Grandpa’s Girl.

We all decided that you had to have a new toy … so we helped you open up one of the big ones and then your Daddy and Grandpa put it together and we all watched in awe as you showed us how to play with it.

The video of you with that one will always be one of my favorites.  It will always remind me of how you got to open your first Christmas present a full month early without your captors complaining!


Love always and always…

Grandpa Boltz


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