Grandma Plaintiff kills her first deer!


I know you love venison and wanted to let you know that Grandma Plaintiff went out of her way to get you some fresh venison for Christmas.

On her way home from work, she saw five deer crossing the road.  She slowed down to allow them to cross… wasn’t that nice of her?  She didn’t see the sixth little deer that was trying to catch up with her friends.

Grandma says I have to take the car to be repaired … but I dropped the deer off to make venison for us first! I think you’ll like the Jerky and Beef Sticks that it’s going to be made into…

When you see Grandma Plaintiff – you should play on the Deer rocker we got you last Christmas and ask Grandma why she killed the deer… She’ll like that.  I promise.  Really.  Would I fib to you?

Grandpa Boltz


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