No Givebacks!

It’s strange the things that we are asked to do.  I recently had the privilege of walking my eldest daughter down the isle ..

Nearing the end of "The Walk" How can I possibly give her away?

Nearing the end of “The Walk” How can I possibly give her away?

She was absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and I had flash backs to all of those magical “firsts” in her life – and in my own.  The first time I held her in my arms.  Her first smile.  The first time I heard her giggle.  The time she scooted across the kitchen in her walker headed straight to the garbage can, while staring straight into my eyes after I had just told her no.  Watching her crawl across the living room for the first time.  Watching her stagger and plop down on her butt as she took her first steps.  The sound of her voice as she said “Daddy” for the first time.

Of course, the day was filled with reflections …  I recalled how I had envisioned this day when I first held her.  The church filled with family and friends.  The stunning young Doctor/Lawyer/Professor at the front of the church waiting for me to hand him my precious baby girl. The convertible sports car that would whoosh her away to her honeymoon… with the new guy that would replace me as the center of her universe.

Oh sure, I was once the center of her universe.  She loved me with all of heart once upon a time.  I can still recall her telling me that when she grew up she was going to marry me.  I laughed as I told her that I was already married to her Mommy (Grandma Plaintiff – may she rest in peace – soon). I wish I had a picture to stare at of the face she made when she understood that I couldn’t marry her. I think I lost her shortly before she became a teenager.

One of the joys of being the father of three beautiful, witty, charming young ladies is the never ending stream of boys that enter, and leave, through the door to my house (and possibly the bedroom windows).  There was so many boys that I didn’t bother to learn their names.  They were merely “Boy”.  Then came HIM.  She brought him home with her for the holidays… and I knew the look in his eye… and in hers.  I watched as their relationship bloomed. I watched as they overcame challenges and grew closer together.  I silently cried when he came to me and asked my permission to marry my eldest daughter…

As I finished the walk with this beautiful young lady on my arm, the Preacher asked “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

“Her mother and I do.  No givebacks.”

Best wishes to you both…

Love you much.


My first dance with my first married daughter...

My first dance with my first married daughter…



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