A child’s worst nightmare ~ a father with a blog!


My beloved wife, my youngest daughter, my middle daughter, my wife’s mother-in-law, my Dad, Me (behind my Dad) and my eldest daughter.  Picture taken a long time ago…

<Three daughters screaming> OMG!  Oh No!  No he didn’t!  No way.

Welcome to Grandpa Boltz, my website to express my mad views on the world, politics, civilization, marriage, children and grandchildren.

I’ve always told my girls that any guy can be a Father.  But it takes commitment to be a Dad.

I have a bit of experience at being a Father.  I have a bit more experience at being a Dad.  Having raised three beautiful, witty, intelligent daughters with my lovely wife (aka plaintiff), this site will be devoted to my ramblings…  All three of my daughters are probably cringing at the thought of what I may post here.

Hope you enjoy…

Grandpa Boltz

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