Two cows a sheep and a chicken…

A young man came to me recently and politely asked for my blessing for him to ask my eldest daughter to become his bride.

Odd timing.  It wasn’t more than an hour before that one of the neighbor boys was over asking the same question.  He brought with him a cow and a sheep to encourage me to grant his request.

Now I find myself in an unusual position.  Should I take a picture of her and post it to ebay?  Father of mature aging spinster offers her hand in marriage to high bidder…. Perhaps I should include a “Buy Now” option?

Maybe I can do better than a cow and a sheep.  Should I try to sweeten the deal and get a chicken?  Perhaps if I wait long enough I can get a rooster too!

No matter what I decide to do, I hope that she is happy.  Always happy.  I hope that life is filled with nothing but blessings for them both….




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