Pool Parties lead to heartaches….

Dearest Darling Charlie,

I had the distinct pleasure of video chatting with you while you were out back playing in the pool in your cute little beach outfit this past weekend.  While I really enjoyed our talk, I was alarmed about what you were doing.

No, I’m not worried about you falling into the pool and getting hurt.  I’m not concerned about you slipping on the wet patio and hurting that pretty little head of yours.  I’m not worried about you getting a beautiful suntan and having to worry about skin diseases when you are older.

I’m worried about your heart.  For the sake of your heart, you must stop going to the pool.  I know. I know.  You think I’m silly for thinking that hanging out at the pool can hurt your heart, but I raised your mother and two of your aunts.  I recall exactly how bad it was.  If I knew then, what I know now, I never ever EVER would of let them put on a  swim suit and hang out at the pool.

Oh sure, it starts innocently enough.  You’re young.  You’re wading through the pool with your little diaper on… all innocent and no harm.  But it’s like a gateway drug… and I don’t want you to get hooked.  Soon, you’ll be wading around the splash pool and the cute toddler will come over and push you down.  You’ll run to your mommy and ask her why he did that.  She’ll tell you that he did it because he likes you… and it begins to go downhill from there. Flash forward a few years… that cute toddler has become a teenage bad-boy and OMG he is SOOOOO hot!  He swims up to you and holds your head under the water.  You already know that he only does that because he likes you and that he doesn’t know how to tell you…. Another time warp and he kisses you next to the concession stand by the pool.  You look forward to meeting him at the pool…

Then one day, it happens, you get to the pool a little early and its there that you see him with that neighbor girl …. you feel it.  It starts as a sharp pain in your chest.  It continues to spread until you feel it break apart in your chest.

Save yourself now.  Don’t hang out around the pool.  I’ve seen what it can do to a girl and don’t want it to happen to you….

Love you more and more with each passing moment.  Eagerly waiting for you to talk to me…

Grandpa Boltz


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