Baby needs new shoes…


Have you ever stared down a herd of stampeding cattle?  Neither have I.  But I’ve come close.  Gma, Auntie H and Mommy To Be decided to go shopping recently… “Baby needs new shoes.”  Sure, they supposedly went to the thrift stores so they could get more bang for their buck.  After having been gone for the better part of the day, they returned to the house.  Plaintiff’s Honda was sitting low on the back rims from the weight of the baby clothes in the trunk.  They dragged bag after bag after bag of baby stuff up to the dinner table to show me.  They assured me that they had stayed on budget…. They assured me that Auntie H had spent the majority of the money.  They made me feel as if I had been personally neglecting the future grandchild.  They made me think that the only way I could possibly redeem myself and prove my love to the child was to break out my wallet to spend future earnings on the baby immediately.  Oddly enough, the Mother To Be just happened to have a website selected that just happened to have a semi-full shopping cart of clothes that Her Highness Princess To Be would love to be seen in once she arrives.

Oddly enough I don’t think I saw a single pair of shoes.  The poor child is going to have to walk to school bare foot through the snow.

Grandpa Boltz

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