The CURSE works

A long time ago, one of my beloved little angels was doing something that was not quite so angelic.  I called plaintiff’s mother-in-law for some advice and was asked a very simple question.

“Have you cursed the child?”

WOW!  I could’ve had a V8!  Being inspired to new heights, I immediately passed on the timeless curse that my mother had placed on me when I was a much younger (and not so well behaved) boy.


When I learned that my child was carrying around my future grandchild, I hoped that she would be blessed with a boy as I truly believe that boys are easier to raise… However, I forgot that I had passed on the curse. My child will have to struggle with the estrogen roller coaster that comes along with the joys of raising a daughter. She’ll know first hand the mixed emotions of a parent as we allow our beloved angels to go to their first dance, their first date, their first prom.  She’ll learn to comfort her daughter through her first heart break.  She’ll strive to do better than plaintiff and I.  I pray that she succeeds.

Of course I also look forward to the day, when my phone rings and I get to hear the mother of my first grandchild ask me for advice on how to deal with some misdeed, and I can ask the question my mother asked me.

“Have you cursed the child?”

I hope that one day, she gets the honor of hearing that she’s going to become a grandma.  I pray that I’m alive to add the word GREAT to my own title.

Grandpa Boltz

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