Hello Charlie…

I met you for the first time today.  I took you into my arms from your Mom and instantly flashed back to what seems like only yesterday when a nurse handed me your Mom for the first time and I stared into her eyes for the first time.

Your tiny fingers wrapped around one of mine.  I’m filled with awe and wonder as I look at your tiny little fingernails.  I glance at your Mom and Dad and realize that the world has changed for them, and for me.  I am no longer Daddy.  That title has been passed onto the man that was lovingly standing guard over you today.  I see happiness in the eyes of my little girl that you have already given her.

I look into those tiny little eyes of yours as your new Auntie comments on how small your head is and I see the future of my own family as you lightly tug on my heart with your tiny little hand holding my finger.  I hope that the view of the sun rising never ceases to amaze you, and the sun setting over the water fills your heart.

I breathe in your scent as I lean down to kiss your forehead.  There is nothing else in the world that smells like a newborn baby.  Its a cross of hope, love, faith, gentleness, innocence, and an eternal spring.  I hope that you like the smell of fresh baked cookies made with love by you and your Mom and you make them together so often that the smell of cookies always makes you think of the time you spent with your Mom growing up.

I hope that your Dad gets to tell you to be quiet so you don’t scare the fish, and that you will laugh about it later in life.

I hand you over to your Auntie and am amazed at the instant love that overcomes her face.  I realize that you are truly the new crown Princess of our family.

I hope that you experience the pleasure of spending time with cousins, the love of family and that you embrace the love of God.

Grandpa Boltz

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  1. mom, grandma and now great grandma.
    March 13, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    I am so proud of you and your new role as grandpa. I love you, Suzette and my grandchildren and now my great grandchild.

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