Blood is thicker than water…

Hello again Charlie,

I had the privilege of spending some of my Saturday alone with you while your Mom and Grandma Plaintiff went to all of the garage sales looking for more stuff that you probably will never use.  Your Mother told me what a sweet little baby you are, and how you never cry unless you have a reason.  No sooner did she utter those words than off she went with Auntie H and Grandma Plaintiff.

Now, I’m not one to complain too much, but I’m guessing you either don’t understand English yet, or you have decided to start your act of rebellion at a much younger age than your Mother did. You began to cry.  I knew that you had recently been fed and burped, so I figured that the evil women folk had stuck me with diaper duty.  Wrapped you up in a fresh dry diaper and it didn’t affect the volume of noise coming out of your mouth one bit.

You may not believe this, but I don’t speak baby.  Sure, I’m able to pick up a few words here and there “Bottle”, “Mean Grandma Plaintiff”, “Diaper”, “Mean Mommy”, “Sleepy”, but I don’t get the full conversation.  You were clearly trying to tell me something – I just didn’t understand what it was.  I think it may of had something to do with how you wanted to go to the garage sales with the rest of the women folk, but am not sure.  I debated taking you in the car and driving around America until you fell asleep.  Your Mother used to like it when I drove around with her.  Finally I realized that you just needed some “alone time” to talk it out.  Sure enough when I came back you were sound asleep.

I did what any good loving Grandpa would do.  I took pictures of you.  I sent some to the Bestest Nana in the world.  I got the following email back from her and thought I’d post it online.

Just a short note.   Was my turn to have “the girls” for lunch today………….and seeing that I had made one of the photo’s you sent this morning into my desktop photo we, of course, all had to oh and ah, over it when they were leaving.    On closer inspection………..I see Charlie has now found out how to put her thumb in her mouth and not just try with her whole fist.      Everyone thought that she was darling………I did not have to coax  anyone into saying that either.   Being the proud Nana that I am I just smiled and agreed……………………

mom, Nana
Now, I don’t usually take offense at things that the Wise and Wonderful Nana has to say, but I mean – really?  How could anyone NOT think you are darling?  You’ve got BOLTZ BLOOD in you!  You have the bloodline of the Wise and Wonderful Nana in you.  You have a healthy dose of Grandpa Boltz and Grandma Plaintiff surging through your veins.  Nana is lucky those ladies didn’t build a shrine to you right there in her living room and begin checking her email for new pictures every hour.
Blood is thicker than water.  Thank God you get your good looks from Nana, Grandma Plaintiff and Mommy …
Love ya already.
Grandpa Boltz

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