Your first email from Nana

I received this email, along with permission to add it to my blog, from both the original author (Nana) and the recipients (Charlie) Mother (Evil Captor).


Good morning my cutie.   Today is your 3 month birthday and I , your nana want to wish you Happy birthday with many many more to come.   From the latest photo’s your grandma and grandpa have sent me you are turning into a lovely little girl.     In the three months since you were born you have figured out how to follow things with your eyes (no you couldn’t do that when you were born), you can now smile anytime you feel like it, and you have also found that your thumb can go into your mouth without the rest of your hand attached to it.   You still command the same amount of attention you did when you were born……………well maybe more so now that you are starting to interact, and of course that attention will keep growing as you get older.  I live a long way away from you but I know that your parents and your grandparents will continue to send me news regarding your “new accomplishments” as they occur.     I want you to know that you are loved very much and I will pray for you daily. and think of you constantly.      with growing love.  Nana


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